Marlborough College Memorial Hall - Refurbishment

Location: Bath Road, Marlborough | WILTSHIRE

Client: Marlborough College

Timeline: July 2017 - August 2018

Project Value: £6.5m

Role of FCM: Clerks of Works services for the project

The trustees of Marlborough College wished to refurbish and make alterations to the Memorial Hall, bringing it up to current standards in relation to accessibility, fire-safety, acoustics and contemporary theatre experience.

The original Hall was designed and built as a memorial to Marlburians who gave their lives in the first and second world wars. The proposals leave the memorial components untouched and seek to enhance their visibility.

Key objectives of the project were to:

  • • Address general building repairs in reference to the condition survey (internal and external)
  • • Improve accessibility throughout, including new accessible entrances to the basement level
  • • Preserve the existing north entrance lobbies and all memorial stone work
  • • Simplify hazardous existing backstage and tutorial level changes
  • • Utilise the basement for ancillary areas
  • • Retain existing tutorial rooms for college use as convertible dressing rooms, green rooms, work spaces and company office space
  • • Enhance acoustic performance (for both speech and music) of the auditorium, while maintaining heritage building elements
  • • Increase stage area meeting requirements of present and future performance uses
  • • Update technical lighting and infrastructure
  • • Introduce a new HVAC design to bring the audience chamber to current-day standards
  • • Replace the dated, technically insufficient control booth
  • • Replace the existing heating system that has reached end of its serviceable life
  • • Upgrade services to accommodate new equipment

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