What We Do

What could be more frustrating than expecting to accept a completed project, clearly specified & designed only to find that it is riddled with hidden defects and problems that can sometimes take years to rectify?


Correcting hidden defects in a working building is expensive, disruptive and a major cause of dissatisfaction and complaints from the end user. Manufacturing production lines have hundreds of checks and quality control inspections during the manufacturing process in order to produce a “finished product” – doesn’t your investment deserve the same?


FCM’s Clerks of Works' role on site is to help you achieve an on-time and value for money, high-quality building that will be as free of defects as possible in order to keep future maintenance and downtime to a minimum.


Let us be your eyes and ears on site and get the building you deserve.


We ensure your works are installed to the highest possible standards


We have an experienced team of reliable effective professionals


Our Consultancy services are based on decades of experience


We have a working knowledge of health and safety legislation


We are familiar with legal requirements and make sure all work complies with them

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