M&E Clerks of Works Services

If your project contains advanced mechanical or electrical systems, such as lifts, CHP or plant rooms, an expert M&E Clerk of Works is invaluable. Our M&E Clerks of Works can fulfil the critical role of bringing Clerk of Works expertise to your complex mechanical and electrical installations – through regular monitoring, inspections, testing and commissioning.


Contrary to what you might think, pre-functional testing success doesn’t depend primarily on contractor competence. Certainly, a successful project needs high-quality contractors and experienced project management, but effective pre-functional testing is far more than just testing and verifications.


It’s an entire communication process — and effective communication is the key to successful pre-functional testing. In typical pre-construction meetings, firms outline the commissioning process, explain the required testing and reports, and inform the contractors of their responsibilities. It is a common occurrence for those meetings to be characterised by yawns and eye-rolls of a totally bored audience. While all the requirements and expectations of each contractor are typically listed in contract documents, in certain instances, contractors can either neglect to read or totally ignore them or carry out works in their own traditional manner.


This is where our functionality testing plays a role. Functionality testing ensures that every piece of equipment and every system in a building is installed correctly and can operate correctly. It protects the client from any claim cases down the line post-contract and ensures that contractors are both adhering to regulations and honouring contracts to their full ability.

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